Interview with Mr.Visit Limlurcha, President of Thai Food Processor Association and Food Processing Industry Club

Talking about the Food industry in Thailand, today we have the special interview with the important guest from Thai Food Processors Association who gives us the market overview and business opportunities in the Asian market, especially in Thailand. Let’s find it out!

Mr. Visit Limlurcha is the President of Thai Food Processor Association and Food Processing Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries Board of Directors. Moreover, he is the Chairman of Great Oriental Food Products Co., Ltd. who has an experience in the Food industry for more than 10 years, including different sectors such as Food processing, packaging, and imports. In addition, he has been a business development consultant in many leading companies. Mr. Visit is a key person in the Food industry and he has given us this interview to share the insight about business opportunities in the free from and alternative food industry in the Asian market.

To what extent does Free From food play a role in the Asian market?
In Asia, the importance of Free From food has consistently increased. Asian people have become more concerned about their health, have been able to access to higher education, and their lifestyles have continually changed. They tend to live more in nuclear families and have the less number of children. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, people have cared more about their well-being. WFH has made people start to cook for themselves. They would like to know where each ingredient is from and what is the suitable amount of food they should consume each day. These factors lead to the change in consumers’ behavior, and therefore in the food market. There is the need that food entrepreneurs and producers extend their knowledge on the healthy diet and adapt their business to suit the current trends. This era is considered the rising stage of Asia’ alternative food market.

What is the tendency of the food market and consumers’ behavior in the future?
Consumers are changing the style of their living places and living more in nuclear families. These trends lead to the change in the way food should be stored. Food containers have become smaller. People have concerned more about their health and body. Food labels have to show the amount of calories, fat, sugar and Sodium etc. WHO have recommended that an ideal daily intake of calories for ordinary person is 2,000 kcal. People who are interested in this information and knowledge are those who start to consume more healthy and alternative food.

How is the trend of alternative food for health in Thailand and AP region?
Our Asian region has started to get more and more interested in the market of Free From diet. According to Thai Food Processors’ Association, there is the research showing the statistics that from 2014 - 2018 for up to 400% Asian people consumed more Free From food. These foods include Organic food, Vegan food, and Healthy food etc. This is considered a very interesting number.

How food processors can develop and adjust their business to match with healthy food trend?
Food entrepreneurs can adapt their business to match with the change in behavior of their customers who lean more and more towards healthy food. There are many ways to do it, from the very easy ones to the ones that are harder to be implemented. To begin, food entrepreneurs can start by adjusting their product’s ingredients. For example, they can focus more on producing and promoting Sugar-free and Sodium-free products to respond to their consumers’ need. Also, apart from frying or even deep frying, they can add baking as one of the means of production. These are the ways that every food producer can adapt and expand their business to respond to the current healthy food trends without high investment.

How will Free From Food Asia help driving the healthy food industry in Thailand and Asia?
For professionals in the food industry, it is a very good news that Free From Food Asia, which has long been organized in Europe, has now arrived in Asia. It is the first edition ever that will bring a number of great opportunities to Asian people. The show will be held on March 2021, which is the right timing as at the time the crisis period will have already passed. More importantly, the crisis has led to people becoming more aware of their health and, therefore, are drawn more and more towards healthy diet. Free From Food Asia will present every food entrepreneur the future direction of the healthy food market, especially in the alternative food sector that can perfectly respond to current customers’ demand, especially to the customers in Flexitarian group, the people who have just started adopting healthy eating habits. The show will introduce the new food solutions that match with the new lifestyles of people in this era.

At Free From Food Asia, seminars and conferences on different topics, for example Vegan foods, which explore the production process, the tendency of change in customers’ behavior, and the up-to-date knowledge about the industry will be organized, welcoming both consumers and entrepreneurs.

“All food solution is here, See you at Free From Food Asia!”

Special thanks for Mr.Visit Limlurcha, President of Thai Food Processor Association and Food Processing Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries Board of Directors.